Passion Productions


Act as the Audio Engineer for Passion gatherings and events by striving for excellent and inspiring audio experiences at Passion. A positive, team-oriented, kingdom-minded individual who models initiative, service, and accuracy as they play a pivotal role on the team.


  • Create a world-class mix at front-of-house, monitors, or broadcast for gatherings and events.
  • Work closely with the lead audio engineer to ensure alignment with Passion audio style.
  • Support audio staff, contractors, and Doorholders to achieve the Passion level of excellence.
  • Ensure Passion stages are set, patched, and show ready on time and with excellence.
  • Ensure all audio systems to clean, neat, organized, updated, functioning states.
  • Be knowledgeable of any updates to all relevant audio gear.
  • Partner with fellow audio staff in system upgrades and expansions.
  • Attend continuing education opportunities in regards to audio.
  • Develop your skill by regularly attending concerts and other live environments for inspiration.
  • Serve at requested Passion gatherings, events and tours.

This job description in no way states or implies that the ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES are the only responsibilities of this position. The employee is required to follow any other reasonable instruction and perform any other reasonable duties at the request of the supervisor or other senior management personnel.


Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm and all day Sunday.


Manages Doorholders

Manages contractors


Location Production Manager


  • Four years of experience in live event production is required.
  • Can quickly evaluate multiple scenarios to determine the best possible outcome.
  • Likes last minute curveballs and has the “get it done” gene.
  • Loves to learn as much as one can about audio systems.
  • Can operate off of limited information to execute a completed plan.
  • Is energized by figuring out details.


  • Loves Jesus, the people of Passion City Church, the city of Atlanta and the world.
  • Willingness to adapt and be flexible, while working above and beyond expectations.
  • Acts as an advocate of the culture and vision of Passion.
  • Low drama, high-momentum, high-capacity, positivity, over-comer, dreamer, creative-can-do-whatever-it-takes attitude.
  • High level of initiative and ability to take a proactive approach to work.
  • Performs job duties on time with excellence.
  • Actively participates in the life of Passion City Church.