Passion City Church


To lead a student ministry that is focused on reaching and raising up a generation of students who are committed to following Jesus and making their lives count for what matters most.


• Provide overall leadership to Passion Students, the ministry to 6th grade – 12th grade students at Passion City Church.

• Lead and develop Passion Students staff team.

• Plan gatherings and events consistent with the rhythm of Passion City Church.

• Lead team to recruit, train and retain Family Group leaders and other relevant Door Holders and develop appropriate organization structure to maximize their effectiveness and accountability.

• Build and invest in relationships with other local student ministry leaders.

• Create trusted relationships with parents and families by communicating with them consistently and intentionally, with the goal of building a partnership by which we can assist in pointing their students towards Jesus.

This in no way states or implies that the ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES are the only responsibilities of this position. The employee is required to follow any other reasonable instruction and perform any other reasonable duties at the request of the supervisor or other senior management personnel.


Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm and all day Sunday.


Leads Passion Students Team [5 team members]


Atlanta City Pastor


Bachelor’s degree required. Seminary or equivalent training preferred. 2-4 years of practical ministry experience. Leader of people with sharp social and organizational skills. Able to dream big, while willing to practically take the steps needed to accomplish the big vision. Excellent communication verbal and written skills.


• Loves Jesus, the people of Passion City Church, the city of Atlanta and the world.

• Willingness to adapt and be flexible, while working above and beyond expectations.

• Acts as an advocate of the culture and vision of Passion.

• Low drama, high-momentum, high-capacity, positivity, over-comer, dreamer, creative-can-do-whatever- it-takes attitude.

• Willingness to serve under leadership and to communicate pertinent information to leadership in a timely manner.

• High level of initiative and ability to take a proactive approach to work.

• Performs job duties on time with excellence.

• Actively participates in the life of Passion City Church.