Passion Intern | Passion Leadership Experience


Passion Interns will work as a team to assist any and every room in our House best and most effectively accomplish needed tasks and projects. More than just accomplishing tasks though, Passion Interns will learn to take ownership over their personal growth, developing invaluable skills and characteristics under the leadership of our team. Ultimately, the Passion Intern’s objective is to love Jesus more, and learn to love people through their work.


  • Effectively execute all assignments and projects in a timely manner, with excellence
  • Connect with the Door Holders and people of Passion City Church
  • Be on time and prepared for every project and meeting
  • Attend and actively engage every development session
  • Take ownership for personal growth spiritually, professionally, and personally

This job description in no way states or implies that the ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES are the only responsibilities of this position. The employee is required to follow any other reasonable instruction and perform any other reasonable duties at the request of the supervisor or other senior management personnel.


Monday – Thursday, 9am—5pm and all-day Sunday,

Fridays and Saturdays as needed


The Director of the Passion Leadership Experience and Passion Internship Coordinators


  • Has completed one year of undergraduate study or equivalent work experience
  • A flexible, can-do attitude in a highly variable schedule
  • Embodies a mature level of professionalism in office, while retaining ability to have personal connections
  • Proficient time management skills
  • Ability to independently find answers and information; not highly dependent on step-by-step guidance
  • Ability to feel personal ownership over a given project or assignment
  • Communicates well professionally and personally
  • Works well with peers
  • Asks good questions and goes beyond just doing what they’re told


  • Loves Jesus, the people of Passion City Church, the city of Atlanta, and the world
  • Willingness to adapt and be flexible, while working above and beyond expectations
  • Seeks to learn and actively engage the culture and vision of Passion
  • Being a positive, team-oriented, kingdom-minded individual who models humility, determination, service, and accuracy in their work
  • Low drama, self-starter, high-capacity, do-whatever-it-takes attitude
  • High level of initiative and ability to be proactive in work assignments
  • Performs job duties and responsibilities on time with excellence