Building Team Tech

Passion City Church


Provides excellent service to the staff and attendees of Passion City Church by keeping the facility safe, clean and fully functional. A positive, team-oriented, kingdom-minded individual who models initiative, service, and accuracy as they play a pivotal role on the team.


  • Work closely with Director of Buildings to achieve and maintain the highest level of excellence at the Cumberland and 515 Locations
  • Work with Building Team Logistics Coordinator to schedule maintenance projects around building events and use
  • Provides reports to Director of Buildings on the status of assigned work
  • Provide ideas to Director of Buildings on continual improvement of facilities and procedures
  • Ability to anticipate potential conflicts or problems related to the building
  • Creatively problem solve and troubleshoot potential conflicts or problems concerning building
  • Ensure there is a high level of excellence carried throughout the entirely of the building
  • Be flexible with every team you are working with
  • Be mindful of cleanliness of the building and grounds; being willing to step in when needed
  • Complete special projects as instructed by Director of Buildings
  • Completes light maintenance when required
  • Act as point of contact and scheduler for all building vendors and contractors
  • Assist with deliveries and shipments as required
  • Responsible for opening and closing facilities for the day or night as scheduled
  • Works weekly events and special events as scheduled
  • Respond to Building On-Call Requests in a timely manner
  • Possess knowledge of: Building Controls: Access Control System, HVAC, Building Automation, and Electrical System
  • Experience and Proficiency in: Electrical and Mechanical Principles, Commercial Landscaping, Blueprint and Schematic reading, RTUs and Chiller/Boiler Based HVAC Systems, Plumbing, Preventative Maintenance base procedures, and Fire Monitoring Systems
  • Skilled in performing: Painting, Drywall Repair, Light Plumbing, Minor Electrical, Basic Carpentry

This job description in no way states or implies that the ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES are the only responsibilities of this position. The employee is required to follow any other reasonable instruction and perform any other reasonable duties at the request of the supervisor or other senior management personnel.


FULL TIME // Work is tentatively scheduled on a monthly basis, while being flexible; as events and unforeseen changes will and do happen during the month. We are open 7 days a week, so the schedule can consist of early mornings, late evenings, Saturday, and Sunday. Days off during the week TBD, but will need to be flexible as well.




Director of Buildings


Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent or four years of experience in customer service and hospitality and/or building maintenance.


  • Loves Jesus, the people of Passion City Church, the city of Atlanta and the world.
  • Willingness to adapt and be flexible, while working above and beyond expectations.
  • Acts as an advocate of the culture and vision of Passion.
  • Low drama, high-momentum, high-capacity, positivity, over-comer, dreamer, creative-can-do-whatever-it-takes attitude.
  • High level of initiative and ability to take a proactive approach to work.
  • Performs job duties on time with excellence.
  • Actively participates in the life of Passion City Church